Series Drogues

A drogue is considered a vital necessity for any ocean-going yacht to help ensure the safety of the crew and vessel in a storm situation where there are excessive wave heights or the possibility of breaking waves exists. Series drogues have proven themselves time and again in such situations as one of the only reliable means to control the forward motion of the vessel in order to help prevent a capsize or broach from occurring and are critically important in the event of steering loss due to some sort of damage. The vast majority of blue water sailors swear by them as a superior alternative to trailing warps, heaving-to or lying ahull and most solo sailors say that they wouldn’t go to sea without one.

Take a look at the information on the following pages to find out more about series drogues, when to use them, how to deploy one and what they look like. Please also feel free to contact us should you have any other queries.

A series drogue needs to be right-sized for a particular type and size of vessel as one size doesn’t fit all yachts. Our technical engineering design team will be able to determine what the correct sizing is for a vessel if provided with the necessary details. Pricing can also be provided on request – a complete series drogue, including its storage bag, costs about $950 for a 36’ yacht.

Complete drogues can be shipped anywhere in the world that a courier company services – only the chain is excluded when shipping by airfreight to reduce costs. Shipping costs are in addition to the above indicative amount.

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